Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers


A hot sleeper is a person who sweats so much, even in moderate weather. Hot weather sweats more than an average person in the same conditions of weather. This sweating occurs due to the sensitive skin of a person. A person with sensitive skin also has sensitive sweat glands which respond more haphazardly to the weather. These people seem to sweat even in winters and wake up thoroughly wet as they have done cardio. Bedsheets and clothes also appear wet. This sweating scenario appears irritating, and the person also smells so bad. The person with this issue also wakes up repeatedly and feels so uncomfortable afterwards.


The solution for this issue is to get a mattress that meets your needs. According to the situation, you must get a mattress that suits you well and does not irritate you. There are many options available for hot sleepers both in local and online marketplaces. You can get the best Mattress for you on https://savvysleeper.org/.

Breathable Mattress:

Get a mattress that breathes. It will soothe you. A breathing mattress does not block the Passage of air like a standard mattress. But instead of this, this breathable Mattress has tiny pores in it, allowing air to pass and doesn’t let the Mattress’s temperature trigger sweating and ultimately causing irritation.

Memory Foam Mattress:

If buying a new one is not an option. Because you have already invested a lot in your previous luxury Mattress because you didn’t know you are a hot sleeper. So there are ways of making your memory foam mattress adjust and be compatible with your hot sleeping problem. So to do this, elevate the Mattress a little bit from the base and do not use the thick bed sheets. Use breathable and porous ones such as linen and cotton. Because both materials, cotton and linen, are soft and light weighted, not like acrylic, wool, and jeans.

Supporting postures:

Mattresses support breathing in many ways. These ways help the Mattress to be breathable. First, if one is designed, so they are designed to support all sleeping postures, they make a tiny space between the body of the person sleeping and the mattress surface so that it can support all sleeping postures. Back sleeping is the worst posture because the surface is so much bigger. Sleeping on one side makes it better because there is a lot of room for air to pass. The elasticity of Mattress also helps in supporting the sleeping postures.

Spring Mattresses:

Spring mattresses are the mattresses that need breathable surfaces because they allow comfort but compressing. The compressing is not possible if the Mattress doesn’t allow the air to pass through it. It usually allows the air to pass through sideways.

If you want to place your Mattress on the surface, then make sure you hang it out on the wall so the air passes through its side and the trapped sweat dries. Because dry mattresses cause so many issues for hot sleepers, such as diseases, mould can grow on your skin, and it can cause rashes also.

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